Former PhD Student abstract: Mariona Esquerdo, PhD

Beyond the wall: a journey from Research to Pharma

Pharma industry is the Evil, Mordor, the Dark Side and the UpsideDown. All together. It is like prostitution, giving up all ideals of basic research and selling your soul to greedy people that play with human disease to earn as much money as they can. Or so I thought some years ago.

And yet, a year ago I jumped to the other side, crossed the wall and found myself into an incredible environment. Extraordinary people truly committed to science, with a thousand skills and willing to smash their brains to find the best treatment for all human disease imaginable. And companies too. There is a whole world far beyond Big Pharmas: a world full of small biotechs, investors, entrepeneurs and governments working to transform ideas to real projects.

The aim of this talk is to draw a short story on how I went from depositing my thesis only a year ago, starting my work as Business Developer three days after and finding myself beyond the wall. Also, to talk about my experience on what I have learned so far, tools, webs and programmes I have discovered to be useful to get started in the industry world.


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