Former PhD Student abstract: Laura Guerrero, PhD

Research looking south: Water science for low income countries and humanitarian scenarios

Regarding the insufficient results Millennium Development Goals after 2015 deadlines, there is an increasing need of new strategies to increase access basic services, like safe water in rural low income regions. Moreover it has been demonstrated that water treatment technologies must be adapted towards sustainability and acceptability for a good adherence among the most needed populations.

My short scientific career have had water science for the “south” and however the difficulties found on the path I would like to expose few results obtained.

Firstly, during my phd I focused on the improvement of a household water treatment technology for viral removal: the black ceramic water filters. During my post doc in Ecuador we’ve implemented this prototype in an Andean community to evaluate its impact of their use.

In the other hand, I’ve also collaborated with different NGOs in a particular problem faced in humanitarian crisis: Hepatitis E Virus outbreaks in refugee camps (Eastern Chad and South Sudan).


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