Main talk abstract: CARLES ÚBEDA

Role of the microbiota in the defense against resistant pathogens.

Antibiotic resistant pathogens (ARPs) can be a major threat for patient’s life. ARPs infections generally begin by colonization of the gut. In normal conditions the microbiota suppresses ARPs intestinal colonization, but how commensal bacteria confers protection is not well understood. We have used a multi-omic approach (high-throughput sequencing, metabolomics and culturomics) in combination with animal models of infection in order to decipher the role of the microbiota in the defense against ARPs. We have identified several commensal bacteria that are key for suppressing ARPs intestinal colonization. In addition, our results suggest that these commensal bacteria confer protection directly, without the need of the immune system (i.e. through nutrient competition and production of inhibitory molecules). Our results have direct clinical implications since they will promote the development of new therapies in order to combat infections produced by these challenging pathogens.


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